Angry Buyers Shoot Agents out of Cannons

Written by: Steve Cook   Mon, January 23, 2012 Beyond Today’s News, Uncategorized

British buyers who are angry at their estate agents, property lawyers or mortgage brokers now can take out their frustrations on Web site by firing them out of a giant cannon at buildings for sale, with the chance to get their mortgage or rent paid for six months.

The game is a promotional gimmick for a new company that passes agents and mortgage brokers, and markets directly to consumers.

In-Deed, the new company, a “conveyance service,” claimed in a news release that from September to November last year some 531,000 sales fell through i, compared with 394,000 for the three months from December 2010 to February 2011. The firm claimed that in the last six months of 2011 it was more likely that a transaction would fail than succeed.

In-Deed said the failed transactions cost buyers an average of £5,500. As a result, the number of buyers who give up on purchasing after the first try more than doubled last year. Difficulties securing mortgage finance is a key factor, seriously aggravated by declining service standards among property professionals, according to the firm’s research. Legal issues were the culprit in one in eight cases (12 percent) with reports of incompetence, delays and mistakes by solicitors, and anger with the legal profession.

“Angry Buyers is a new online game where players can let off steam by firing estate agents and property lawyers out of a cannon for the chance to win their rent or mortgage paid for six months.,” Phil Spencer, a British television personality and property expert who has signed on with In-Deed. “With mortgage finance harder than ever to secure and poor service standards rife in estate agency and conveyancing, it’s no surprise that home buying is such a frustrating process.

To play the Angry Buyers game, visit


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