Real Estate Intelligence Stream

Written by: David Lereah   Fri, October 30, 2009 featured

 Real Estate Intelligence Stream

 A Steady Flow of Intelligence Reports on the Residential Property Markets for Real Estate Professionals

Extraordinary Times

Never before has the U.S. real estate markets wielded so much influence over the livelihoods-the income performance-of real estate agents, mortgage lenders, home builders and other real estate-related occupations. It has also wreaked havoc for portfolio managers, real estate analysts and individual real estate investors.

Quite simply, we are in a place we have never been before. Today’s real estate problems of falling home values, mounting foreclosures, excessive inventories, government bailout programs, a mortgage credit crisis, and weary consumers have been unprecedented.

Over the past two years, Reecon Advisors and its President, David Lereah, who was also the former Chief Economist for both the National Association of Realtors and the Mortgage Bankers Association, have helped some of the world’s largest hedge funds, banks and investment companies navigate today’s challenging real estate markets, saving them up to millions of dollars on key decisions. Reecon Advisors has helped individual real estate investors target the right properties in the right locations at the right time. And the company has provided real estate professionals with the necessary intelligence to be on top of their game and better serve their customers in these challenging times.

An Extraordinary Offer

Reecon Advisors is offering, what we believe is a unique product - a stream of intelligence reports on the U.S. residential real estate markets-provided to anyone seeking assistance in today’s difficult marketplace. We are calling this product Real Estate Intelligence Stream, hereafter, Real Estate I-Stream. Rather than expend a great deal of your time and energy on the Internet gathering pertinent information and insight from a long and varied menu of Web sites that may or may not enhance your performance, we are offering you access to a steady flow of real estate intelligence that is designed to meet your needs.

Real Estate I-Stream promises to keep clients uniquely informed about real estate activity and how market developments, events, government policy and new information impact such important measures as home values, home sales, mortgage originations, and new construction activity, as well as the performance of the real estate brokerage, mortgage lending, homebuilding and other real estate-related industries and investment opportunities. The intelligence primarily covers national real estate activity, but also covers regional and metro real estate activity to some extent. Below offers a description of the stream of intelligence provided to clients, mostly through instant electronic communication (e.g., emails).

Real Estate I-Stream

(Daily; Weekly; Monthly; and Quarterly flows)


Market Alerts (real time)

  • Clients receive brief commentaries/analyses on real estate news, developments and events as they occur in real time.
  • Focus is on real estate data releases; housing policy announcements and important real estate events (e.g., we examine the implications of the Case-Shiller home price release on future home values).


Market Commentaries

  • Clients receive weekly insights and analysis of the real estate markets by David Lereah
  • Commentaries focus primarily on the performance of the residential real estate markets and its impact on the real estate brokerage, mortgage lending and home building industries; home values home sales, cyclical changes and investment activity.


Conference Calls

  • Group conference calls featuring David Lereah are conducted on a monthly basis.
  • Dr. Lereah presents his current assessment and outlook on the real estate markets and addresses client questions.

Policy Reports

  • Government policy announcements related to real estate are evaluated with regard to how new policy impacts the business of real estate brokers, lenders, builders and real estate related companies, (e.g., Home Depot), as well as the performance of the real estate markets (e.g., home values, sales) and investment performance.
  • Primary focus is on the major government agencies: HUD, FHA, Federal Reserve, Treasury, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and Congressional committees.

Market Forecasts

  • Forecasts of the major measures of housing activity such as home prices, new and existing home sales, housing starts, mortgage rates, mortgage originations, and foreclosures and so on, will be presented every month.
  • Forecasts from the major housing organizations such as Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, the National Association of Homebuilders, the Mortgage Bankers Association, and the National Association of Realtors will be presented every month. Other forecasts, such as and Fiserv will be presented when available.

Investment Reports

  • An assessment of the real estate investment marketplace will be provided every month. This will include commentary of the real estate markets from an investor’s perspective; identifying investment opportunities by location and property type; reviewing current investor strategies and financing; and an investment outlook.


Metro Reports

  • An examination of real estate activity across the major metro markets of the nation is offered every quarter. The report includes metro market comparisons and sometimes, rankings by a market measure (e.g., affordability). Primary focus will be on home sales, home price and local economic activity.

Real Estate Market Outlooks

  • A comprehensive Power Point presentation of current real estate market activity and the outlook is provided on a quarterly basis.
  • These Power Point presentations are available to clients for their own use.

Other Services Available to Clients

Customized Intelligence/Research

  • Clients may request customized research reports at an additional charge.


  • David Lereah is available to give speeches/presentations to the client and/or the client’s customers for an additional charge.

 An Extraordinary Price

Never before has such a comprehensive intelligence product been offered at such a low, nominal price. Clients (subscribers) receive 6 comprehensive intelligence reports periodically plus the opportunity to participate in a monthly conference call to discuss the real estate markets and ask questions; plus receiving a comprehensive Real Estate Outlook Power Point presentation every quarter. Customers are treated as clients, not subscribers.  I-Stream is offered for only $29 per month or $345 per year; less than the price of most industry newsletters.

Free Trial Period

We offer a free one-month trial period so you can learn about Real Estate I-Stream and discover how it offers enormous benefits to you. Just email and ask for a one-month free trial subscription.

About David Lereah

David Lereah is President of Reecon Advisors, a leading real estate advisory company that owns and operates Real Estate Economy Watch, one of the industry’s leading Web sites providing information and intelligence on the residential real estate markets. Dr. Lereah was recently the Chief Economist for the National Association of Realtors and prior to that, the Chief Economist for the Mortgage Bankers Association, so he has a great deal of knowledge, expertise and experience tied to today’s challenging conditions in the real estate marketplace. Dr. Lereah is regularly quoted in the business media and appears periodically on CNBC. He is now in a position to provide his insights and advice at an affordable price to a wider audience through the Real Estate Intelligence Stream product.

About Reecon Advisors

Reecon Advisors is one of the residential real estate industry’s leading independent real estate economics and information companies, providing a source of insight, analysis and intelligence on the residential real estate markets. Reecon Advisors publishes Real Estate Economy Watch, a leading Web site providing information and commentary on the residential real estate economy. The company provides a variety of advisory and consulting services including business plans; strategic planning; public relations and communication strategies; policy analysis; and investment advice to the real estate brokerage; mortgage lending and home building industries. The company also sells syndicated content products and newsletters to real estate organizations and individuals from its Web site. Customized research reports, surveys and speech presentations are also available upon request.

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