Investors are Bearish on Next 12 Months

Real estate investors are slightly more bearish than the general public about the outlook for prices in their local markets over the next six to 12 months.

About half of both groups expect prices to stabilize their local markets, by one-third of all Americans expect prices to rise (30.9 percent) compared to only on quarter (22 percent), according to a survey of real estate investors by Move, Inc. released today.

Opinions among investors are mixed when it comes to finding bargains and selling at a profit in the near future.  Most investors expect that it will be easier to find investment opportunities over the next six months (69 percent) and nearly half believe it will be harder to find bargains in six months (43.5 percent).  Virtually the same percentage expects it to be a better market to sell investment properties.

Among regions, Midwest investors are the most optimistic about near term investment opportunities (85.7 percent) followed by those in the South (73.4 percent).  Fewer investors in the South (53.1 percent) and the Northeast (51.4 percent) believe it will be more difficult to find bargains in the next six months.

Nearly three quarters of investors say selling at a good price (72 percent) is a difficult aspect of real estate investing and 57 percent say finding financing is difficult.  Selling at a good price is tougher in the Northeast (73 percent) than the West (68.4 percent).


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