Choosing the Right Agent

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Buying a home is a huge step in life. It’s a big accomplishment, along with adding a sense of security in knowing that you own your own home. But the process of buying a home can be tough and exhausting, and it usually is stressful for even the calmest individuals. One of the best ways to make home buying easier is by having the right Realtor. Having a good Realtor is key to both finding the right home, and finding that home in a timely fashion. If you’re ready to start the search for your perfect home, check out these tips on how to find the right Realtor for you, so the home buying process is a breeze.


Only about half of all licensed real estate agents are Realtors. Realtors are licensed agents or brokers also are members of the National Association of Realtors and agreed to abide by its code of ethics.

Hands down one of the best ways to get a good Realtor is by asking friends and family. If they are able to recommend a Realtor to you that worked for them, chances are things will go great. But just as important as getting referred to a good real estate agent is checking the references of that agent. For example, you may be referred to a Realtor by a friend that used that Realtor ten years ago, and that realtor may not be successful lately. Ask the Realtor you’ve been referred to for three recent references, and call those references to ask about their experiences. Checking references is key to making sure you have the right Realtor, and that your home buying experience will go along without any snags. You can also find a Realtor through your local board of Realtors.

Look for Realtors Expert in Your Neighborhood

Most Realtors specialize in specific areas, so if you have a neighborhood that you’re interested in on your mind, find a Realtor that has ties to that neighborhood. Not only will that Realtor be an expert on that area, but he or she may know of some houses that aren’t listed yet, meaning you can get the first access to them. In addition to those perks, Realtors that specialize in specific areas will have immediate answers to your questions about the Courtland Homes neighborhood, like schooling zones, services, and more. If you aren’t set on a specific neighborhood, then looking for a regional brokerage might be a good idea, but if you know where you want to live then definitely look for a brokerage that focuses on the area where you want to buy.

Meet With Multiple Agents

Choosing a real estate agent is almost similar to choosing a house. You wouldn’t settle on the first house you look at, would you? Meet with multiple real estate agents, and ask them about their success and experience. Essentially you’ll be interviewing these real estate agents to find the one that fits for you. If you have a bad gut feeling about an agent, it’s best to move on. Keep in mind that you’re not married to the real estate agent you choose, and if you feel like he or she isn’t giving you the attention you deserve, you can choose a different agent.

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