Friday , 2 June 2017
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Fewer Delinquencies Cost Lenders Jobs

For the past six years, mortgage delinquencies, often a result of homeowners losing their jobs, created employment among mortgage servicers who process delinquencies and defaults. Now the shoe is on the other foot as declining numbers of delinquencies are costing lenders jobs. Read More »

Florida Shifts into Reverse

While the rest of the nation’s housing markets experience various levels of recovery, most markets in Florida seem to be relapsing to the heyday of the Foreclosure Era after a brief period of improvement. Read More »

Student Loan Debt Won’t Hamper Homebuyers

The rise in student loan debt is certainly a cause for concern, but may not be a significant a drag on young home buyers since the typical borrower has not seen a significant jump in the amount of debt incurred and seems to have a manageable monthly payment. Read More »

New Delinquencies Continue to Fall, But So Do Foreclosure Sales

New delinquencies and foreclosure starts continued to fall in January, but increases in foreclosure processing and sales were not enough to offset swelling foreclosure inventories or lengthening foreclosure timelines. In fact, the average loan in foreclosure has not made a payment in over 500 days, according to Lender Processor Services’ February Mortgage Monitor report. Read More »

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