Friday , 2 June 2017
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Early Warning Signs

Get Ready for a Weak Recovery

Some markets are stabilizing now and on the macro level, the housing recovery is not far away, according to Sam Khater, senior economist at CoreLogic. But the long awaited recovery won’t be much to get excited about, at least initially. Read More »

Cash Offers Foil Homebuyers

With prices hitting or approaching bottom in markets nationwide and record number of foreclosures available, professional investors armed with cash-rich investors are emerging as factor in the lower end of the residential market. Read More »

The Pending Supply

Perhaps you’ve heard of the pending demand for real estate-prospective buyers who have postponed taking action until they perceive conditions have optimized. There’s also a pending supply of real estate and it’s large enough to have a serious impact on the housing markets if a recent study is correct. Read More »

Can We Wait for the Echo?

It’s clear the “echoes” will spawn a record number of households and boost housing demand but it’s not such a given that they will become homeowners, at least right away. In fact, in the near term, demographic forces favor the rental over the for-sale market. Read More »

A Shadow Threatens Home Values

It’s called the “shadow inventory” and it’s scarier than a ghost because it is very real. It’s hanging over your local real estate market ready to ambush property values at the first sign of a rebound. Read More »

Pre-retirees Perk Up Retirement Market

According to a recent national survey of Coldwell Banker® real estate professionals, over half-53 percent–of those who work in popular retirement areas are seeing younger retirees (ages 60 and under) looking to purchase homes in their markets… Read More »

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