Friday , 2 June 2017
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Short Sales Are Growing Longer

Perhaps the greatest advantage of a short sale to beleaguered homeowner facing default and foreclosure is the opportunity to move on with life and put the bad debt behind them as quickly as possible. That advantage is shrinking as short sales take longer to sell than foreclosures. Read More »

Investors Outspent Lenders and Homeowners to Rehab Foreclosures

Expenditures on foreclosures and short sales drove the remodeling market in 2011, as investors spent more to rehabilitate each foreclosure they purchased to flip or rent than either lenders or owners who bought foreclosures to live in. However the rental share of overall spending on improvements has been shrinking since the housing bust. Read More »

Fannie and Freddie have a Florida Problem

Despite falling delinquency rates among lenders as a whole, delinquencies increased for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac borrowers, especially in Florida. Coincidentally, CoreLogic announced today Florida leads the nation in the size of its foreclosure inventory. Read More »

Straightening Out the MERS Mess

Could 62 million homeowners be secure from the threat of foreclosure because their mortgages are held by an industry-run electronic mortgage registry that a California bankruptcy court recently ruled cannot be used to establish ownership of the loans? Read More »

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