Friday , 2 June 2017
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Half of Boomerangers Aren’t Buyers

Only half of the millions of underwater homeowners who have been frozen in place for years are still interested in homeownership once they rise to the surface. The so-called “Boomerang Buyers” may turn out to be a boomerang bust if a new study from NAR is accurate. Read More »

Middle Aged Homeownership Plummets

Homeownership fell across all age groups in the first quarter of the year, but declines were greatest not among younger Americans under 35 who have been having problems getting financing and finding homes to buy but among middle aged households over 45, which traditionally register the highest homeownership rates but suddenly registered significant decreases. Read More »

Foreclosure Discounts are All Over the Map

The low prices that make foreclosures attractive to investors also make foreclosures toxic to communities and homeowners. The discount between “normal” priced homes and the prices paid for properties than have been through the foreclosure process can spell the difference between profit and loss to an investor at the same time that they drive real estate values into the ground. Read More »

Single Family Renters More Likely to Stay in Place

Single family home tenants are 18 percent more likely than apartment tenants to stay in their current homes five years or longer, suggesting that demand for single family homes, the fastest growing rental category, will be more stable than multifamily demand, according to a new national opinion survey released today by Premier Property Management Group. Read More »

Student Loan Debt Won’t Hamper Homebuyers

The rise in student loan debt is certainly a cause for concern, but may not be a significant a drag on young home buyers since the typical borrower has not seen a significant jump in the amount of debt incurred and seems to have a manageable monthly payment. Read More »

Families Rediscover Multigenerational Living

Seventy-five years ago, when America was emerging from the Depression and homeownership was less affordable, one out of four Americans lived in homes with grandparents and adult siblings. Today”s housing depression has again forced generations to move in together, but as the housing recovery takes hold, many plan to stay together and revive the multigenerational lifestyle of the past. Read More »

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