Friday , 2 June 2017
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House Poor

House Poor: Neighbors. Can’t Live Without ‘Em.

Neighbors are like apple cider. When you first move in, they’re nice and sweet. That’s because they will want to borrow something someday, or ask you to take in the mail when they go on vacation, or baby sit in a pinch. They act friendly but they are really just checking you out. Read More »

House Poor: Why I’m an Expert Homeowner

Don’t you think it’s about time we had an expert homeowner? Everybody else has experts. We have expert economy-guessers with batting averages lower than a Little Leaguer and mortgage experts who sold loans that exploded like time bombs or put people in houses they couldn’t afford. We have expert real estate agents who can make any online listing make a house look like a palace with videos, color photos and crafty staging. In Washington, we have expert policy wonks who can send real estate markets soaring or crashing with a single confusing regulation. Welcome to a new weekly column by Homer Guthrie. Read More »

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