Friday , 2 June 2017
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Investment Activity

Investors Lead August Retreat

August showed a slowdown in traffic for all three groups of homebuyers – current homeowners, first-time homebuyers and investors but investors were the only group in the HousingPulse Homebuyer Traffic Indexes that scored below 50 in August, which indicates traffic dropped below what is considered a “flat” traffic level. Read More »

Foreclosure Discounts Fade Away

Two years ago, to the delight of investors and the anguish of homeowners, foreclosures regularly sold for 30 percent or more below the price of “normal” homes. How times have change! Now the foreclosure discount is less than half that amount and still headed south. Read More »

Hedge Funds Join the Retreat

Small investors aren’t the only ones pulling back from buying in a real estate economy where soaring prices are crimping their profits. Despite their bigger pockets, hedge funds are slowing down as well. Read More »

Homeowners Surge, Investors Slump

A sea change in the housing recovery is underway. Current homeowners are providing much of the buying power currently driving the housing market, while investors are continuing to lose steam in the face of rapidly escalating home prices. Read More »

Home Sales Soar as Inventories Grow and Investors Withdraw

Rising inventory levels during the final months of the buying season are dramatically boosting sales and prices have continued to increase as the forces driving the housing recovery shift from lack of supply to demand. Sales are soaring despite new evidence that investors are buying fewer properties. Read More »

Investors Cautioned On Hottest Markets

In some markets–many of them in California–the home price rebound has pushed prices above their EHP level, which should be a caution sign for investors seeking to make money in a quick re-sale, according to the latest HomeVestor/Local Market Monitor Best Market Ratings for investors. Read More »

Investors Plan to Reduce Purchases

Real estate investors are responding to higher prices by buying fewer properties in the next 12 months and holding their rental properties at least five years or longer, according to a national survey of real estate investors conducted by ORC International for and Premier Property Management Group. Read More »

Soaring Prices Slow Hedge Funds

Boasting of spending up to $8 billion dollars to buy tens of thousands of foreclosures to convert into single family rentals, nearly 50 Wall Street investment firms set real estate markets on fire over the past 18 months. Now they are running for cover as soaring prices water down their return on investment. Read More »

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