Friday , 2 June 2017
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Market Analysis

Mortgage Lending Business Expected to Sink Next Year

The mortgage lending business is expected to take a turn for the worse in 2010 according to the industry’s leading trade group. Mortgage origination volume is expected to plunge by almost 21 percent to $1.56 trillion next year compared to an estimated $1.96 trillion in originations in 2009 according to a new forecast released yesterday by the Mortgage Bankers Association. … Read More »

How to Protect Yourself Against Mortgage Fraud

During this time of financial crisis, an epidemic of mortgage rescue schemes is sweeping the country. They prey upon families who are facing foreclosure in exploding numbers. Fraudulent mortgage rescue scams raise false hopes and cruelly exploit people who can ill afford it. Read More »

How to Obtain the Right Mortgage

Going into debt for fifteen or thirty years can be a scary process-which is exactly why you should make every effort to learn about mortgages, put your finance in shape so that you qualify for the best possible terms, determine what you can afford and then shop hard for the right mortgage for you. Read More »

FHA is Now Running on Empty Says Noted Housing Economist

The Federal Housing Administration took the right steps last week to bring the agency’s lending standards in line with private industry practices, but with the loss of its excess reserves, FHA is now essentially running on empty and the jury is out on whether the agency has adequate capital reserves to weather projected losses from defaults and foreclosures, said a noted housing economist who first raised concerns about FHA’s financial condition in an article in Real Estate Economy Watch last June (Can FHA Dodge the Bullet?). Read More »

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