Friday , 2 June 2017
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Middle Aged Homeownership Plummets

Homeownership fell across all age groups in the first quarter of the year, but declines were greatest not among younger Americans under 35 who have been having problems getting financing and finding homes to buy but among middle aged households over 45, which traditionally register the highest homeownership rates but suddenly registered significant decreases. Read More »

Foreclosure Inventory Ballooned in First Quarter

The inventory of properties in the foreclosure process expanded by nearly 10 percent in the first quarter, casting a pall over the housing recovery as local markets prepare for more foreclosures than expected. However, a high level of demand driving by investor activity may mitigate their impact. Read More »

Short Sales Are Growing Longer

Perhaps the greatest advantage of a short sale to beleaguered homeowner facing default and foreclosure is the opportunity to move on with life and put the bad debt behind them as quickly as possible. That advantage is shrinking as short sales take longer to sell than foreclosures. Read More »

Florida Shifts into Reverse

While the rest of the nation’s housing markets experience various levels of recovery, most markets in Florida seem to be relapsing to the heyday of the Foreclosure Era after a brief period of improvement. Read More »

Are Hedge Funds Blowing Bubbles?

Last month the New Republic published a provocative article on hedge funds and real estate investing (<a href="">Your New Landlord Works on Wall Street</a>) by former TV producer David Dayen. He said out loud what many people have been whispering. Read More »

Foreclosure Discounts are All Over the Map

The low prices that make foreclosures attractive to investors also make foreclosures toxic to communities and homeowners. The discount between “normal” priced homes and the prices paid for properties than have been through the foreclosure process can spell the difference between profit and loss to an investor at the same time that they drive real estate values into the ground. Read More »

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