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Recovery Signals

Recovery Will Slow in 2016 as Fewer Homes Gain Value

    The number of homes nationwide gaining value on a monthly basis are expected to fall by 12 percent over the next 10 months as the housing recovery slows. Just over half, 51.3 percent, of America’s homes will continue to appreciate by October 2016, according to forecasts by Weiss Analytics. The percentage of homes losing value nationwide are expected … Read More »

Counting Down to Positive Equity

  The countdown has begun.  No, not the New Years’ Eve countdown! The countdown to retuning to a normal level of positive equity. Even in the best of times, a certain number of homeowners are going to pay too much for a house and it might take a few years until their principle payments and appreciation put them in a … Read More »

2016 Price Outlook: Experts Agree Prices will Moderate

    The experts have spoken and their short and long term expectations for home prices next year are slightly more conservative than leading economists at real estate research organizations and trade associations have forecasted that after price growth around 4 percent this year, they will moderate in 2016 and thereafter. More than 100 real estate experts and economists participating … Read More »

Northeast, Midwest Markets Warm up as Year Winds Down

Outside it may be cold and snowy with early storms, but housing prices are warning up in some of the most stunningly negative Midwestern and Northeastern markets, according to Clear Capital’s November market report. Regionally the West still leads the appreciation parade, with quarterly increases of 1.2 percent and annualized price growth at 7.5 percent.  But the Northeast and Midwest … Read More »

Appreciating Homes Increased in Third Quarter but Still Trail 2014

The number of homes nationwide gaining value on a monthly basis increased during the third quarter from 56.80 percent in July to 59.37 percent of all homes in September and the appreciation rate increased for the third straight month. However, the percentage of homes gaining value still trails the rate of 66.31 percent in September 2014, Allan Weiss, CEO of … Read More »

CoreLogic Forecast: Price Increases to Cool to 5.2 Percent Next Year

Home prices, including distressed sales, are projected to rise by 5.2 percent from October 2015 to October 2016 after rising 6.8 percent nationally for the single family combined tier this past October, an increase of 1.0 percent for the national single family combined tier, according to CoreLogic’s latest price report. Including distressed sales, the U.S. has experienced 44 consecutive months of … Read More »

Is the Lack of Credit Crippling Local Housing Recoveries?

A new report from Pro Teck Valuation Services’ Home Value Forecast suggests that the availability of credit in local markers influences local housing recoveries and accounts for dramatic differences in home prices. HVF looked at regular average sold prices versus total mortgage trends in San Francisco and Detroit and found that in San Francisco, buyers have averaged 20+% down over … Read More »

More homes are losing value

  The number of homes nationwide losing value on a monthly basis has more than tripled over the past year while the number of appreciating homes has fallen more than 12 percent, Allan Weiss, CEO of Weiss Residential Research reported today. Depreciating homes increased from 7.60 percent to 23.40 percent while the number of appreciating homes has fallen from 65.20 … Read More »

Homeowners’ Equity Takes Big Leap Forward

Only 9 million out of 50 million mortgaged homes still have less than 20 percent equity at the end of the second quarter, a decline of 700,000 homes from the first quarter.  The percentage of under equitied homeowners fell from 19.9 percent to 17.8 percentage of homes with a mortgage, CoreLogic reported today. Borrowers who are “under-equitied” may have a … Read More »

Home Prices: Old Peaks and New Pitfalls

In July, the National Association of Realtors announced that by its calculations, the national median existing-home price for all housing types surpassed the record national median sales price of $230,400   set nine years ago. For many, reaching the price peak is a good reason to break out the bubbly and celebrate the official end of the housing recession.  It’s been … Read More »

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