Friday , 2 June 2017
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Recovery Signals

Contract Rate Falls to 2011 Low

The National Average Contract Mortgage is 4.62 percent, lower than it has been all year. This is a decrease of 0.12 percent from the previous month. Many lenders use this rate in adjusting some adjustable-rate mortgages. This index was the only index rate that federally chartered savings and loan associations could use as an adjustable-rate mortgage index in the early … Read More »

“Normal” Home Prices are Stabilizing

Prices of “normal” homes-those that aren’t foreclosures or short sales-are stabilizing and the numbers of future foreclosures are falling. That “sliver of good news for consumer spending” was included in CoreLogic’s July report on housing and market trends. Read More »

RE/MAX Reports Inventories Are Shrinking

Inventories in 53 markets surveyed last month by RE/MAX are down nearly fifteen percent from a year ago, when the tax credit boom was winding down, another indication that housing markets have recovered from the tax credit-induced sales boom and the bust that followed it. Read More »

High Rollers Move Up

While a third of homeowners struggle to stay above water on their mortgages, nearly a quarter of those in the upper income tiers have been trading up to take advantage of deals in the luxury home market.

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