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With the latest surge in both single and multifamily rentals, individuals and families on the move, finding extra space can be a challenge.

Rentals Drive Self-storage Demand

With the latest surge in both single and multifamily rentals, individuals and families on the move, finding extra space can be a challenge.

As some Americans look to the numbers and see some improvement in regions of the country when it comes to the housing market, especially when it comes to renting, they may need temporary or long-term storage needs, hence doing one’s homework to find the right unit is indeed important.

But for some on the move, they do not always take the time to do a qualified search, meaning they are leaving things to chance when it comes to storing items for a short or long period of time.

So, how can you go about finding the right self storage unit and leave your worries behind?

Among the tips to follow:

* Know your needs – Above all else, know what space you will need. It is best to consolidate as much as possible, meaning using temporary shelving, stacking items on top of one another (lighter items always on top), and using each and every inch of space available. If you are just storing a few items, then space should not be as much of an issue, but still shop wisely. The last thing you want to do is rent a space that is bigger than you need and you are essentially paying for wasted space;

* Shop around – Like you would for just about anything else, shop around and get several quotes. Some storage centers may be offering price cuts, so you may come across a deal at just the right time. You also want to be able to compare prices side-by-side, making sure you are getting the most for your money. Be sure to inspect each place you may want to rent so you know the available space, neighborhood surroundings, security (see below), and what the customer service may be like;

* Be secure with your selection – One of if not the most important facets of finding the right self storage unit is getting one that is secure. Those that have video cameras, gated entryways that require a key or numerical combination to enter, and provide good lighting should be high on your list. If the storage facility is in a neighborhood that has a high crime rate, make sure that the facility itself at least is well secured. Also look for a facility that is not in a flood-prone area where you could have weather issues to deal with;

* Facility conditions do matter – It is also important to find a storage facility that is well ventilated, meaning the chances of damage to your boxes, furniture and other items is minimal at best. If the unit is not well ventilated, there is always the potential for mold and dirt to be issues. If the unit is near a watery area, make sure that water getting into the facility and your unit especially is not an issue. Also check to see how the unit is built in that it is sturdy and there are not exposed nails and other items that could injure you or damage your goods. Lastly, are bugs and animals an issue? You don’t want a facility where such could get into your unit and damage your property;

* Read the fine print – Finally, make sure you read the contract that you are signing from top to bottom. Look for any hidden fees and charges that could be imposed on you. You can either pay on a yearly basis or a monthly basis, so make sure everything is spelled out to you. Some facilities will offer a cheaper price if you sign a longer-term deal, but ask yourself if you really think you will need the unit for a long time or if this is just a short stay. Also know the hours you can get into the facility to access your property, as not all self-storage businesses allow 24/7 access to customers.

In today’s changeable real estate market, it’s hard to anticipate whether you need a self-storage unit for just a few months or a longer period of time, invest the time needed to find the right facility.

Remember, your possessions need and deserve a good home.

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