Friday , 2 June 2017
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Single Family Rentals

Distressed Sales Bumped Up Last Year


  Just to prove that they are not quite ready for the history books, sales of foreclosures and short sales increased slightly last year.  Institutions bought 7.9 percent of all homes. RealtyTrac reported that short sales and foreclosure-related sales — including both sales to third party buyers at the public foreclosure auction and sales of bank-owned properties — accounted for … Read More »

Hedge Fund Purchases Plummeted in October

Institutional investor purchases in October were lower than a year ago and represented only 6.8 percent of all home sales in October, a sharp drop from a revised 12.1 percent in September and down from 9.7 percent in October 2012. Read More »

Boomerang Buyers Can’t Get a Loan

A growing number of the 7 million former home owners who lost their home either to foreclosure or short sales can’t shake the homeownership bug, Now that the housing sector is recovering, many of these “Boomerang Buyers” are back in the market but many are failing to get financing. Read More »

Hedge Funds Join the Retreat

Small investors aren’t the only ones pulling back from buying in a real estate economy where soaring prices are crimping their profits. Despite their bigger pockets, hedge funds are slowing down as well. Read More »

Investors Cautioned On Hottest Markets

In some markets–many of them in California–the home price rebound has pushed prices above their EHP level, which should be a caution sign for investors seeking to make money in a quick re-sale, according to the latest HomeVestor/Local Market Monitor Best Market Ratings for investors. Read More »

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