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Forecasted Values in 17 Top Markets on Weiss Maps

Want to know what home values in your market will probably look like next July?

Here are 17 digital maps from the 100 million house database created by Allan Weiss, former CEO of Case Shiller Weiss.  Each house is a repeat sales index, which enables each index to anticipate values accurately up to 12 months in the future.

The colors represent month-over-month trends.  Red indicates depreciation, green appreciation and gray neutral. 

A full set of 90 metros and 5500 Zip codes can be found on and  Dynamic maps on the sites begin in 2006 and show changing values a month at a time.

Copyright Weiss Residential Research LLC. Provided by  Forecasted values have a margin of error of 3 ½ percent.


Atlanta July 2016

 Chicago July 2016


Cleveland July 2016


Denver July 2016


Detroit July 2016

Las Vegas July 2016

Los Angeles July 2016

Miami July 2016

Minneapolis July 2016

New York City July 2016

Philadelphia July 2016

Phoenix July 2016

San Diego July 2016

San Jose July 2016

San Francisco July 2016

Seattle July 2016

 Washington DC July 2016


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